What to wear in Dubai -in february

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The two next outfits can be wore for many occasions or activities in Dubai; the first one can be good for a desert safari and the second Poursuivre la lecture de « What to wear in Dubai -in february »

My Moscow trip 🇷🇺

Post available in english 🇬🇧 and French 🇫🇷 below.

As you probably seen on my instagram ( @SarahGVB) or snapchat ( @GermanottaSarah) I was in Moscow but only for two days and I think it was enough because I couldn’t stand the cold.

#1 tips : you have to speak russian and be able to read russian or to have a russian person with you because, taxis, uber and airport people do not speak any other language and the train and metro station are only written in russian and everything is written in russian

When I landed, at the airport Poursuivre la lecture de « My Moscow trip 🇷🇺 »