Food in Dubai ðŸ‡¦ðŸ‡ª

So this post is just to share the restaurants, snacks, coffee… I like more in Dubai. Many people think that because it is part of an Arab country you have only arab speciality, but in Dubai it is all the contrary. In fact, you have restaurants with specialities from all around the world and it is almost rare to find a restaurant or coffee with Arab specialities. The only thong that changes (if it changes something ahah) is that the meat is halal. Actually I gained weight because of this city abounding with a lot of tempting foods ahah. You’ll see below a few pictures with some facts.

Leopold’s of London

This one is far my favorite. It is an english restaurant on Jumeirah Beach. Their food is simple but delicious. ( little fact : I had to take off the salad from my sandwich because I don’t like it ahah).


This one is located on the end of the Marina. It is a Lebanese restaurant. I took Kebab meat but they had green peppers inside, I took them off and it was very tasty! Same for the vegetables who had a perfect baking. But it was too filling ahah. PS : their strawberry juice is exquisite.

Movenpick hotel

Usually, at home, I don’t eat for breakfast like just a chocolate/ coffee with a yogurt but with the jet lag I ate at the end of the afternoon so I took a filling breakfast because every day we made a lot of walking under the heat so..

Magic corn

How couldn’t I stop by a Nachos stand ? ahah, in the way between the metro station and Dubai Mall I stop for Nachos. When I saw the man filling this plate I told him « ITs just for one person not two » and he continued. It was huge compared to the regular ones. But the sauce was very spicy !

Leopold’s of London

The same restaurant as the first picture, because I really liked it! I mean look at that view ! And you can choose healthy meal so it is great when you’re paying attention to what you’re eating.

Auntie Anne’s

My love for Pretzel is eternal ! Auntie Anne’s ones are very tasty even if it is not the same as the traditional dutch one ! they also have good sausages roll with chorizo on it just like the tutorials you see on tasty’s Facebook page ahah.

Movenpick hotel

Pancakes and waffle how could I not share it with the food I like the most ahah ?

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