The reasons why I love French Riviera


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Post available in english 🇬🇧 and FrenchÂ đŸ‡«đŸ‡·Â below (tomorrow 31.03).

I live near french riviera, about an hour from it. I go there many times a year. I especially love Cannes and I go there usually twice a year at least. Here are some reasons why I love it there (don’t expect at intellectual reasons, i’ll just try to explain why buy doing a list since I could not explain why in details ahaha)

  1. The weather is always beautiful. Even in winter you dont have a real cold weather. (When I went in Cannes in november I was in short
  2. There are Ladurées shops there and were Ladurée macaroons are is where my happiness is
  3. You can go there in autumn/winter if you are more a calm person who just want to sightsee and you can go there in spring/summer if you want to partyyy
  4. You can either go there with your friends or either with your families
  5. there is the sea
  6. there are handsome guys and beautiful girls ( for us girls it is really motivating to see those girls ahah you know what I mean)
  7. There are the Nrj Music Awards and The Cannes film festival there. Which means that you can see superstars just by leaving your hotel room or eating at restaurants or obviously going night clubs.
  8. Because Cannes and St Tropez are such « secure » cities. If you go out with only girl friends it is not risked, you could almost spend the night on the beach ( dont take my words as tips please because I would not want to be responsible for anything ahah I mean idc when it comes to myself
  9. Because everyone is beautiful and elegant
  10. Because if you never went to UAE you just have to go to Cannes during summer and you will feel like you are since all the emirates are there ahah

here are some pictures to show you why I love it and I think it would be better to explain it than my lame reasons ahah

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