10 Dubai Tips

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As you  probably noticed it, I’m often in Dubai these days. The reason why is that I love this place and really want to live there after my studies or something like that. So I thought I should do an article about it that could help you guys if you plan on going there someday since many of you asked me some things about this city and dont hesitate if you have something on your mind come ask me on twitter, snap or instagram !

  1. If you go there in winter you may want to bring a jacket with you

even if the temperature’s quite hot (around 20-30degrees celsius but this is winter for local people dont be surprised to see them wearing hot clothes ahah) in the Malls or closed place the AC is quite cold and you can easily be cold !


2. If you go there in summer you may not want to be outside except for JBR and Medinat Jumeirah !

In summer UAE’s temperature can go from 35 degrees celsius to 45, but you must keep in mind that 40 years ago Dubai was a desert so thats a rough weather. I mean you almost can’t breathe and things doesn’t get better at night which weather’s wet. So you should drink a lot and stay in the Malls which offer a lot of activities such as ski, ice rink, theatre, etc… Or you can go to JBR : Jumeirah Beach Residence which is the only place in Dubai where you can actually feel like breathing again ! because there’s the sea breeze and I think this might be the place where this looks like the less polluted… But you must be under a sunshade and put sunscreen on you!


3. Transports : Metro, Taxi or Uber ? or car rental

The Dubai metro/tram is very safe, its divided in several parties. The gold class, the silver class (only on tram) and the Women and children only area (which I find so cool because in Paris men take advantages to be near women by sticking to them and here this won’t happen, but you are free to go in it or stay with men :). It is very easy to take and cost around 20 dhs with unlimited travel a day (red card) if you are staying more than a week in Dubai I suggest you the Silver card!

The Taxis in Dubai are very annoying, I mean you just stop for a minute somewhere and one getting out of nowhere ask you if you want to go somewhere and are insisting a little. I mean the other day I was waiting my uber to pick me in front of the house at 4am ib a residential area that was calm and empty and some taxi from nowhere arrived before the uber asking me if I want to go somewhere and waiting in front of me. Another thing is that the taxi’s GPS weirdly doesn’t know all the address so dont be shocked if your driver leave you alone in the car asking its way to shops and leaving the counting counter on… (as seen on my snapchat story).

Uber are the best transport to use if you are 3 or more because it will cost you the same as the metro and pick and bring you wherever you want to go. If you never used Uber before you can get 10 euros off your first course with my code (ub46qvue). They know all the address, are available 24/7 plus they are polite. Nothing wrong to say about them.

Car rental is not that expensive : check the prices online or the offers that the airlines you took proposes !


4. Don’t shop clothes in Dubai !

I mean this count if you are from Europe ! because clothes prices are almost 2x higher than in france for example. I mean last day I saw a dress at Zara that was 49.90€ and in Dubai the exact same dress was 79.90€. This doesn’t count for all the items I guess but be prudent. Most of local people spend their times shopping especially in summer bc they can’t go out so I guess this maybe one reason.


5. The most instagramable locations are :  medinat jumeirah, Dubai marina, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden ;)


6. The best places for an hotel is JBR, Marina and Dubai Mall.


7. You must visit Dubai miracle garden and global village


8. No Dubai is not a country where women only wear burkas.

I mean you can almost compare it to Miami. So if you want to take that mini skirt you love with you, then go ahead, just take a look at my instagram pictures and you’ll see what I wore lol


9. If you want to buy souvenirs for a very very very cheap price, go to Al Rigga (just out of the metro station).

So you can bring souvenirs to all of your friends and family. Because its 4/ 5x cheaper than in tourist places


10. Dubai is just like the USA so if you are not 21 you can’t go to clubs, or club shooting

yeah thats lame, i can’t wait to be 21 ( in 7 months …)


PS : Tell me if you want a post about what to do there and what I already did, weather I liked it or not, adresses, etc :)

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