#Exhibition : Dior – Couturier du rêve

Post available in French 🇫🇷 and english 🇬🇧 below.

 Pictures by @hrclaudine 😘

Étant  une grande fan de haute couture, j’étais pas mal renseignée à propos de cette exposition. J’avais tellement hate de m’y rendre. Elle est tenue pour l’anniversaire Continuer la lecture de #Exhibition : Dior – Couturier du rêve

Outfit for a day to the yacht club for a radio show  


I felt like an English girl with my oxford dress and my little bow in the hair ahah or ether I felt a bit like Blair Waldorf ahah! 

Dress : Zara / hair bow : Action / Bag and sand shoes : Chanel (you can find them in the category my closet) 

I just love this Zara dress which makes me think of Blair Waldorf and is very comfy! It has little pearl on it and it’s just too pretty ! 

Middle East Inspired – Abu Dhabi outfit

As you know it, I’m often in Dubai and most of my instagram followers are from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Baghdad and other arabic cities. So I decided to make a post with an arabic outfit inspired by the empirait girls. Just for you <3



Details :

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