My fave & worst : MET Gala

Every year I just love seing the Met Gala red carpet. Each year there’s a dress code theme given the guests have to follow since this event is related to art.

The theme this year was :  » Heavenly Bodies : Fashion and the catholic imagination »; I knew I was going to love the outfits because the catholic theme can lead to such inspiring things !

So lets start by my fave looks :

Selena Gomez

met selena.jpg

I’ll start with Selena because you guys know she’s my fave of all time. However despite the « too much tanned/ orange » look that I did not like at all, I loved her Coach dress so much ! She was simple yet elegant, the simple jewelry was enough since the dress got many details. I didn’t like her little bag, its been 2 years she come with a little bag and according to me, no bags allowed on the red carpet ahah. She was representing Esther from the Bible.



Wearing Coach custom.




Blake Lively 

met blake-lively.jpg

Blake never deceived me on a red carpet, if I could give a red carpet awards it would definitely be to her. She was perfectly in the theme

with an inspired catholic dress showing her wonderful shapes. She’s just perfect !!!

And can’t we talk about that perfect glam ? I mean those eyeshadow and lipstick omg !

Wearing Versace 





Gigi Hadid 

gigi met.jpg

I really didn’t know if I should post her or not because she’s so pretty in that amazing dress yet this doesn’t fit to the theme according to me, so I’m a bit disappointed since last year she was just in the theme escorted by Zayn.

Her makeup is just what I like, sophisticated and elegant, just enough.

Wearing Versace





Amanda Seyfried

I’m in love with that girl ever since

seyfried met.jpg

the mean girls ! Here she reminds me more of a greek goddess than a catholic thing but never mind that dress and glam and hair (!!!) I couldn’t not include her in my faves.



Wearing Prada 









Pryianka Chopra

MET Gala 2018 Priyanka Chopra makes a style statement with her dramatic look.jpg


I’m in love, there’s nothing to say except that this look is perfect in every way possible. She is so classy !


Wearing Ralph Lauren








Couples :   Hailey & Shawn – Lili & Cole 

I ship them both so much (especially bughead ahah) I found them soooo cute together. Shawn had a perfect tuxedo and I loved the long coat Cole wore; Nevertheless I’m disapointed by the girls look, Hailey is Perfect, love the pink hair, the dress, the shoes, everythinggg yet it doesn’t fit the theme .. When Lili fits more the theme according to me but I’m not a big fan of that weird dress, love the makeup though.



since i found these the worst looks i’m gonna put them all together because I won’t be saying a lot about them and I think I won’t say nothing by fear of being too impolite ahah !


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