Island Sightseeing Outfit ( Cannes )


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While visiting Cannes’ Lérins Island I went for a fun outfit ! I wore this two piece thing from zara and I just love it ! with simple Les Tropeziennes hilan tan sandals and a cool bag and Miu Miu oversized sunglasses.

Middle East Inspired – Abu Dhabi outfit

As you know it, I’m often in Dubai and most of my instagram followers are from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Baghdad and other arabic cities. So I decided to make a post with an arabic outfit inspired by the empirait girls. Just for you <3



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Festival Outfit – 2 different styles

This weekend I went to the north of France, in Lille which is almost at the Belgium frontier to attend to the North Summer Festival. It was its first edition and they were Klingande, Martin Garrix, Sting, Justin Bieber and many other. They all came to spend a little time on stage but Martin and Justin they were on stage for about half an hour; Justin actually did the whole purpose tour in this festival and thats the reason why I came all the way to Lille.

I wore two different outfits, the first one was Coachella inspired but a little more classic since in France nobody actually dress for the occasion ahah. And the second one was more rock with a Justin Bieber tee shirt.

Look for yourself :

Capture d’écran 2017-06-26 à 20.48.52.png

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Cannes : night-club outfit


To enter the Gotha Night Club which was hosting Asap rocky this night; you have to wear high heels and to be very well dressed. So I went for a short blazer robber with a large V neck. I got it at my aunt shop > Urban store . But for you guys that live in another country I found one on Missgguided which looks a lot like mine ! I went for a total black look and matte red cherry lips.


Cannes : Afternoon Outfit

cannes a o.jpg

I felt like wearing color so I wore pink, my favorite color ! The short is a bit too short, I found the heels a few days ago and Im in love with them but they are painful even though it doesn’t look like they are :( but they are worth the pain ! Moreover pink is gonna be this season color so I couldn’t be happier !