#Exhibition : Dior – Couturier du rêve

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 Pictures by @hrclaudine 😘

Étant  une grande fan de haute couture, j’étais pas mal renseignée à propos de cette exposition. J’avais tellement hate de m’y rendre. Elle est tenue pour l’anniversaire Continuer la lecture de #Exhibition : Dior – Couturier du rêve

Middle East Inspired – Abu Dhabi outfit

As you know it, I’m often in Dubai and most of my instagram followers are from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Baghdad and other arabic cities. So I decided to make a post with an arabic outfit inspired by the empirait girls. Just for you <3



Details :

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A few days in Toulouse, the pink city

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It was the first time I went to Toulouse, I only spent two days there but it was nice. I went sightseeing both days, also went to a « book market » and found some pretty interesting stuff. And I went to a contemporary art exhibit of Hans Op de Beek in the Cloitre des jacobins, it was just stunning, here are some pictures : 

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A few days in Montpellier

I went in Montpellier just to chill. I already know this city well so it was just to spend some days doing nothing. I spent the afternoon at the hotel swimming pool, I only went in the city at night cause it was too hot at daylight. I went to the beach which is near and I did too many cheat meals :(

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My Moscow trip 🇷🇺

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As you probably seen on my instagram ( @SarahGVB) or snapchat ( @GermanottaSarah) I was in Moscow but only for two days and I think it was enough because I couldn’t stand the cold.

#1 tips : you have to speak russian and be able to read russian or to have a russian person with you because, taxis, uber and airport people do not speak any other language and the train and metro station are only written in russian and everything is written in russian

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